Carlos Guarda de Cadeia

Carlos Guarda de Cadeia (Karel Kettingkast in Dutch), is a reporter for the Portugese newspaper, Lisboa Notícias Engraçadas Jornal. For many years now, he's writing about the Tour de France, for the Tourgazet Plagiato (a Dutch cycling newsblog), and in 2012 he even went to France with a videocrew. Lately he's working more in the rural vicinity of mid-Portugal.

Here's the last video of the "Ochtend Etappe" (a Dutch breakfastnews show), where Carlos normaly reported daily from the Tour de France. In this video he's standing on his own terras at home in Alqueidão, Tomar.

Some Screenshots of Carlos on the show and on the website of RTL4 (a Dutch TV-Channel)

Carlos reporting from Paris

Carlos reporting from the Col de la Croix

Carlos on the website of Tour du Jour, a daily show at RTL4

The making of character: Carlos Guarda de Cadeia

How he's controled: